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Are you tired of those stubborn inches of fat preventing you from having the body shape and contour you desire? Men and women who struggle with minor deposits of fat often become frustrated when diet and exercise can’t achieve the results they want. If you are looking to refine your physique, SculpSure® may be the treatment for you. Our newest non-surgical fat reduction system can help you achieve a flatter belly after just one 25-minute office visit!

Candidates May Have…

  • Mild to moderate stores of excess fat
  • Relatively good skin elasticity
  • Struggled to lose those last few inches through diet and exercise

Areas of Treatment

  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Submental (under-chin) area
  • Flanks
  • Inner thighs
  • Outer thighs


The specially designed SculpSure® head is placed on the treatment area. You will feel a cooling sensation on the surface of your skin, which is to keep you feeling comfortable throughout your treatment. SculpSure® then directs radiofrequency energy into the adipose tissue to heat the fat cells. The rising temperature causes the fat cells to become damaged and die.

Over the next few weeks, the lymphatic system drains the destroyed fat cells. This process results in reduced inches and minor skin tightening.


People often choose SculpSure® because it has zero downtime. After your 25-minute treatment is finished, you can immediately resume your regular activities. You may notice some minor redness in the treatment area, but this should subside within several hours.


While results are immediately noticeable, they should begin to develop within six weeks, and optimal results can be seen after 12 weeks. Multiple treatments may be needed to achieve your desired results.