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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Women may develop looseness of the vaginal wall after childbirth or with age. The loosening of the muscles can cause a lack of sexual pleasure for the women and loss of friction for her partner. The looseness of the vagina is often associated with urinary control problems and bulging of the bowel into the floor of the vagina. Tightening of the vagina may enhance sexual pleasure of the woman and her male partner. At the same time, correction for urinary leakage and correction of the bulging bowel can be performed.

Vaginal childbirth is usually associated with an episiotomy or incision on the bottom of the vagina to enlarge the opening for passage of the baby. This is repaired shortly after the delivery but the repair is often inadequate. The vaginal opening is still large and loose, the distance between the vagina and anal opening is shortened, and the area is often unsightly. A perineoplasty closes the opening and lengthens the perineum (area between the vagina and anus), which helps to rejuvenate the appearance of the vagina. This is usually combined with vaginal tightening.

These procedures can be performed at the same time as the ‘Alter Labia Minora Reduction”, labia majora reduction, clitoropexy with clitoral hood reduction, and pubic fat reduction or lift.

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