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Hymen Restoration

The hymen is a circular thin tissue just within the vaginal opening. The hymeneal ring routinely breaks with sexual intercourse, but it can also tear with exercise or tampon insertion. It is possible to restore the hymen to a “virginal” state. The remaining portions of the hymen are sutured together to recreate the hymeneal ring. It is rare not to have enough fragments to restore the hymen.

Women perform this procedure for cultural regions or to restore their “virginity” with a partner. Men in some societies will only marry a virgin, so the hymen must be intact to permit a women to find a husband. Other women undergo the surgery to recreate the special ‘gift’ of virginity to her husband or partner.

This minor procedure takes less than an hour and is relatively painless. Intercourse is not allowed for about 6 weeks. The hymen will then tear normally during sexual intercourse.

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