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Clitoropexy (Clitoral Hood Reduction)

A woman may not like the protuberance, thickness, or redundancy of her clitoral hood. The size of the clitoral hood may cause her to be self-conscious. The protruding hood and clitoris can cause a bulge in clothing or give the appearance of a small penis.

If desired by the woman, I routinely reduce the sides of the clitoral hood while performing a labiaplasty (labioplasty). Occasionally, I may remove a small horizontal ellipse from the hood but I have to be careful not to expose the clitoris. However, this usually does not change the length or projection of the clitoral hood. If you notice labia reductions by other physicians, it is common to see reduced labia with large clitoral hoods resulting in a bizarre appearance. I therefore invented the clitoropexy with a clitoral hood reduction to resolve this issue. In my operation, I re-position and setback the clitoris closer to the pubic bone with several sutures (clitoropexy). The pulling up or moving in of the head of the clitoris eliminates much of the protrusion and allows me to remove considerable longitudinal and horizontal clitoral hood skin without exposing the clitoris. The hood becomes shorter and narrower with elimination of the protrusion and skin redundancy. There is no risk of nerve injury or sensation change. I have performed this operation on over a hundred women in the last four years with outstanding results.

The clitoropexy can be done alone or in combination with the “Alter Labia Contouring” technique. The procedure takes about an hour and does not add much to the recovery. If you are considering this procedure and do not live locally, I can evaluate you by email photos and a phone consult.

If a woman has marked clitoral enlargement, then a clitoral reduction should be performed which also includes a clitoropexy.

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