Clitoral Reduction

Women can develop unsightly and uncomfortable clitoral enlargement from hormonal abnormalities, steroid ingestion, or birth.  The large clitoris can look like a small penis and can get large and unsightly at rest or when sexually aroused. 


These women are usually very embarrassed, both in and out of clothing and when sexually aroused.  They are routinely told that nothing can or should be done because of fear of injury to the sensation and nerves of the clitoris. In reality, this is NOT true.


The head (glans) and shaft of the clitoris can be safely reduced in size while maintaining normal sensitivity.  The clitoral hood is elevated, the erectile tissue in the shaft of the clitoris is removed, and the shaft is repositioned closed to the pubic bone.   The redundant clitoral hood skin can then be removed which reduces the length, width, and protrusion of the hood and clitoris.  The head (glans) of the clitoris can also be reduced to a normal size without injuring sensation. 


This reduction is often combined with the “Alter Labia Minora Reduction” technique. The clitoral reduction alone takes about 3 hours and the labia reduction adds another 2 hours. The surgery is performed as an outpatient and is not very painful.  Magnification is used to assure no nerve injury and to create an exact reconstruction. 


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